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A month of solid, focussed coding....try to get from idea to release in 30 days.



The official month of Progvember runs from 1 - 30th November.




Make that idea that you've been thinking of for years a reality

We all have ideas or projects that we've been wanting to do but the time is never quite right - well that is what Progvember is about. You have 30 days to make it a reality.



Need something to do with the long cold evenings?

Winter is coming, the nights are drawing in, it's too cold to be going out. Why not spend all your spare time on your computer. You know you want to.



Looking for a cheap, personal Christmas present?

Why not write someone their very own personalised app.



Just like computer programming?

You'll be doing this anyway - may as well put it in some sort of a context.



Don't have an idea?

Browse the project that people have already created and look for someone needing a collaborator.